These are the 15 happiest countries in the world

Norwegians are a whole lot happier than Americans, according to a new report. Forget buying that new car, opt for a scarf and gloves and head to Norway if you want to achieve true happiness, a new report suggests.

Renowned for its good public services and political stability, Norway can now also claim pole position as the happiest country on earth, having risen in the ranks to surpass Denmark and claim first place in this year’s World Happiness Report.

The study, which measures social factors alongside economic data, points to the limitations of financial factors in achieving happiness. Therefore, Norway vaulted ahead despite its economy being hit by the plummeting oil price, meanwhile happiness in the U.S. continues to wain despite incomes increasing…

Norway sped ahead from fourth place last year to steal the top spot in the annual rankings, which combine economic, health and polling data on approximately 3,000 respondents in each of more than 150 countries. It is joined in the top five by fellow Nordic states Denmark, Iceland, Finland and central Europe’s Switzerland, which averaged a comparable happiness level of 7.5 out of 10.

Norway (7.53)
Denmark (7.52)
Iceland (7.50)
Switzerland (7.49)
Finland (7.46)
Netherlands (7.37)
Canada (7.31)
New Zealand (7.31)
Australia (7.28)
Sweden (7.28)
Israel (7.21)
Costa Rice (7.07)
Austria (7.0)
U.S. (6.99)
Ireland (6.97)

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