Special glasses give people superhuman colour vision

Two mauve colours side by side, seen through three loops, two containing special filters
It’s sometimes practically impossible to tell similar colours apart. Even side by side, they look the same. A special pair of spectacles gives us new power to see more distinct colours, and could one day help to spot counterfeit banknotes or counteract camouflage.

The glasses, devised by a team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, basically enhance the user’s colour vision, allowing them to see metamers – colours that look the same but give off different wavelengths of light – as recognisably distinct hues.

Human colour vision relies on three types of cone cells that react to short (blue), medium (green) and long (red) wavelengths. While brushing up on his knowledge of the eye before teaching a photonics class, physicist Mikhail Kats had a brainwave. Could the eye be tricked into effectively having another type of cone cell?

In theory, this could take our vision from being trichromatic, which uses three colour channels, to tetrachromatic. Some animals see in four (or more) channels. Goldfish, for example, have cells for red, blue, green and ultraviolet light. Some researchers suggest that a very small number of humans may be tetrachromats too.

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CIA Can Tap Your TV to Smartphone & Everything Between

WikiLeaks has just released a massive trove of documents and files on Tuesday which exposes how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hacks smartphones, computer operating systems, message applications as well as even internet-connected televisions. They can watch you in bed.

The CIA has breached every possible constitutional protection in true big brother fashion. They cannot sleep at night worrying about what everyone is saying where and when as well as to whom.

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Televisions Now Dominant Life Form In United States

If televisions are plotting to overthrow their human masters and take their rightful place as rulers of the United States, it’s time. A Nielsen study shows that there are now more TVs than people in America.In 2009, there were nearly 115 million TV homes in the US, each averaging 2.86 TV sets, according to a new Nielsen study.

That computes to nearly 329 million TV sets — more than the entire US population, estimated at 307 million by the US Census Bureau.

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