Synchronised blinking stops viewers from missing the action while movie watching – New Scientist:

Worried you’ll blink and miss a crucial piece of the action? Then you can relax. While watching a film, we subconsciously control the timing of blinks to make sure we don’t miss anything important. And because we tend to watch films in a similar way, moviegoers often blink in unison, researchers find.

The flow of visual information to the brain is halted by up to 450 milliseconds with every blink, and we lose up to 6 seconds of information every minute, says Tamani Nakano at the University of Tokyo in Japan. This means moviegoers who sit through a 150-minute film have their eyes shut for up to 15 minutes.

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0 Ways To Monetize Real-Time Data

10. Lead generation

9. Coupons

8. Analytics

7. CRM

6. Payments – If I was at PayPal, I would be looking at this.

5. Commerce

4. User authentication – Corporate accounts want to pay.

3. Syndication of new ads – Twitter itself could just syndicate. Multi-billion.

2. Content advertising and advertising context and display

1. Acquiring followers

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